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the Pransky Farm


234 Pransky Road
Cabot, VT 05647

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93 acres of breathtaking land, 60 miles east of Burlington and three hours from Boston or Montreal. Set on a gently rolling hillside meadow surrounded by forest.

Directions: From points south - Boston, NYC, etc. Take I-93 until it merges with I-91, and head north towards St. Johnsbury. Take exit 21 and merge with Route 2 West, towards Danville. 9.6 miles later, in West Danville, you will turn RIGHT onto Route 15 (also known as "The Grand Army of the Republic Highway") towards Walden and Hardwick. After 5.5 miles, you will come to an intersection with a logging company and the Walden Fire Department to your left. Take that left onto Route 215 (also known as "Cabot-Walden Road") towards Cabot. After 1.7 miles, you're going to see Pransky Road to your RIGHT. It's a VERY SHARP TURN, so exercise caution, sanity, and a touch of style when you pull in. There will be trained assistants who will guide you through the process from there. From points north - Burlington, Greenland, etc. Take I-89 to exit 8 in Montpelier. Stay on Memorial Drive until it becomes Route 2 --- then stay on Route 2. After around 10 miles, you'll enter the town of Marshfield, and to the LEFT of the General Store/gas station complex, you'll see VT-215 S (also known as "Cabot Road"). Take that left, heading towards Cabot. Precisely 7.2 miles later, after passing through the village of Cabot, you will come upon Pranksy Road to your LEFT. Be advised that the turn is on a sharp corner and a steep downhill grade for those Festivus-goers who came from down South. Keep an eye out for them. Once you're onto Pransky Road, our automated conveyor belts and robotic servant-drones will assist you from there. For your safety, please keep your hands inside your vehicle, and avoid any sudden movements.




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